Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purpose only!!!

In this blog we will show you how we are performing information gathering of an infrastructure as a black-box technique.

Currently we don’t know about IP addresses of different machines in our network, So first we will try to discover IP addresses of machines which are running on our VirtualBox using tool “Netdiscover” which is already present on Kali Linux main operating system.

Nmap Scanning of IP Addresses

After successfully getting the IP addresses which are present in our network. Now, we use Nmap tool to scan gather information about operating system, open TCP/UDP ports, services & name of Services running on a particular port, service version etc.

1. Trixbox VOIP Server:

2. Windows 7 Operating System:

3. Ubuntu Operating System:

4. VyOS Network Operating System:

We have completed information gathering part and we got information about what are the open ports on different IP addresses and what are the services running on each IP address.

Now, in next phase we will try to find out vulnerabilities by running automated scanner.


  • https://nmap.org/
  • https://www.freepik.com/